Creative sparks

I've always found the creative process to be fascinating. Not just the "doing" of creativity, but the beginnings, the process of going from thought to action--- all that occurs in the brain. Everyone who creates, whether it is art, food, a spread sheet, a job proposal, or a mess, goes through some steps in their brain. Most of us just do it on automatic and never think about it.

My little brain just pings all the time. I have my "bam" moments and my slow cookers. I can see a stick in the woods and it'll set my mind to racing toward a new piece of pottery or wake up from a dream where I've been building something and know I have to play. I often spend days and weeks tussling with a project I want to start...but will know it's not quite jelled. When I get it, I have to get to it or I am like that kid kicking the wall waiting for everyone to wake up so they can get to Disney.

I woke up this morning and before I got out of bed had a "eureka moment" regarding a pot I've been playing with in my head.

Last week our local Friends of the Library had one of their book sales. People donate used books, they in turn sell them to help fund things for the library. I'm a readaholic. I usually have to have help carrying all my books out to the vehicle.

I always check out the craft section to see if they have anything on ceramics. It's rare to find something but I have picked up some treasures. This time there was a thin hardback titled "Clay Hand Building". I didn't even look through it, just saw 'clay' and grabbed it. Turns out it was written back in 1979. There wasn't anything in it that I didn't already know but the photos (all in black and white) of the pieces were fun to view. Well worth a dollar!

One of the pots pictured in the book, a little slab pot, maybe 4 inches caught my attention and sparked an idea. My piece will look nothing at all like the one I saw in the book. It will be very large, different shape, different textures. But the concept sprung from looking at the picture. [When I get through with my piece I'll do an update on this blog, show you both pieces. ]

I have carried that idea in my head for days. Thinking about how I'm going to do it has put me to sleep a few nights. It has traveled with me as I've driven to the store. It has popped up as I was brushing my teeth. I've moved it around, added to it, tried various clay combos...all in my mind.

This morning I woke up thinking about the shape. And had my eureka moment while playing with a variety of shapes. It is going to be a two-piece creation. I am going to use two types of clay. I am going to add some sand or maybe grog to some of the clay.

Today is the day it will move from my mind to the real world.

I will try to remember to stop at times and take photos. I think this one is going to take more than one day.

Oh, and, while I was thinking about the new pot this morning after I got up I had another idea for a series if this works out.

I'm off to the studio. As a special treat I'll be opening a glaze load a bit later. Icing on the creation cake!