Let it grow, let it grow...can't hold you back any more...

I've heard "Let it Go" so many times I had a hard time playing on the song for my blog post, but it works so I let it go... (yes, I heard you groan)

Yesterday I shared that I was working on a 5-piece set. I was going to finish the last part of it that day then start working on a new basket.

Sometimes things don't go the way I plan.

The new creation was originally intended to be a 3-part set. When I finished the first very tall piece I also wanted to make one that was even taller. First though I made a second smaller tube. Then I made a smaller one, somewhat because I was getting tired. It's time consuming and can be a bit tedious building, drying, building, drying. I wasn't feelin' it. I decided to forget doing a taller tube --- how in the world would I ever transport it to shows? It would be so fragile that I would only be able to put it in a gallery --- one with a tall shelf, not easily bumped.

When I finished the 3 pieces I looked at them and realized I needed a fourth for visual balance. I made the fourth piece and walked back, looked at the set and realized it was going to need a fifth piece. Hence the additional day. It was too late to get started on the last piece.

Well...yesterday I made the 5th piece. Poifectamungo. Good balance, or so I told myself. A little voice kept whispering that it needed a sixth piece based on the height of the pieces. I ignored it.

I took a break, ate a late lunch and let it be for a bit.

I walked back in and knew I had to make a sixth piece or I wasn't going to be happy. Either way I wasn't going to be entirely happy --- I have a 'philosophical' (also silly) thing where I don't like making even sets. I like three, five, etc.

However, I let it go.

I was determined that I would finish up and start working on the basket that was calling to me.

I made the sixth piece.

I took a break and let them dry for a bit. I came back, used the blow dryer to make sure they were sturdy enough to put in the kiln to finish drying and then started loading them.

Ha. Karma, balance, my inclination to go with things that I want to do without thinking about the practical aspects...whatever. The bottom line is that the two tallest pieces wouldn't fit in the kiln. I thought about calling some friends to see if they had taller kilns but knew I'd run into problems with the glaze firing also. Plus pieces are ultra fragile until they are bisque fired. The transporting would be delicate.

Sigh. Time to make some height adjustments. And create a seventh piece! I was able to take the top off the tallest nicely enough to be able to add a new bottom and create my 7th piece. Marrying up totally dry clay with wet clay is an interesting topic...for another day and another blog. Maybe

Balance, harmony, all is well in the kingdom of clay. Maybe I'll call the set "sisters" in honor of Anna and Elsa. Nah.