New Year, New Works

I've never been one to pick a line and go with it. I travel down one path until something else catches my attention as a rule. However, sometimes I do one thing one day and another the next. I'll see a photo of a basket or see a shape in nature or see a beautiful textile work and my mind moves to clay and my hand reaches for my idea book.

Twisting the Night Away

In recent months I've been caught up with two veins of work: baskets and sun catchers.

I started on baskets a while back. I made a few small ones then they started growing. And growing. I added driftwood handles. I added other additions. I have a stack of driftwood on the front porch of my studio that is calling to me, telling me it wants to be used. One in particular keeps nagging at me. Today I am going to finally make a basket for the nagging piece.

My sun catchers were also inspired by some of the driftwood. They started small and have grown to some pretty spectacular sizes...all as a result of the fun pieces of driftwood on my porch.

When I went to my parents for Christmas they surprised me with a couple of buckets of driftwood they'd pulled from the lake. Lots of storms, lots of rain make for nice piles of driftwood along the edge of their lake-front property.

The driftwood is all sizes. Some will be used to hang in the sun catchers. Some will be used as the hanger, others for basket handles. I am doing some shows in a few beachy areas this year so I plan to make some sea-worthy ceramic art. As I was looking at some of the smaller, weird looking pieces I thought they'd make nice tiny hangers for some wall pieces. There's one swirling piece that I am looking forward to doing something with in the near future.

Tied to the Sea

Watch for more baskets and sun catchers this year. In between both ideas that pop into my head will also be mixed in with those themes. Yesterday I started a 5-piece set that I'll share when I finish the 5th piece today before starting on the nagging driftwood piece. Once I use the nagging driftwood piece it will transition to a happy driftwood piece. We'll all forget how irritating that nagging was...

I'm not sure if you can see the sun catcher very well in the photo to the right. If you click on it you can enlarge it. That's my studio sitting in the background. You might be able to see some of the driftwood piled on the front porch if you look closely. I also keep some in the pottery garden off to the left of the studio.