My new website

I think I'm getting close to being finished with my new website. I'd love your input, comments, suggestions!

I'm still debating on whether to add a store and/or add prices. I have visited a bazillion and one websites, read blogs and articles by those "in the know" and there are good reasons to add and not add both.

I don't think my kind of ceramics sells very well via the Internet. You can't see all the colors.  I often have layers and layers of colors that you can only see as you turn the piece or the light hits an area. It's hard to visualize the size of the pieces even when I put the measurements (which I will be adding).

I think my website is mainly there to show the type and scope of my art and to steer people to the galleries, shows and events where it can be touched.

Love your thoughts on all of the above also!