This past week or so I have been doing a bit of experimenting with the glazing of a number of my pieces. I usually glaze fire at least two times, sometimes three or four. I have a number of pieces that I wasn't 100% happy with for a variety of reasons. I decided to get adventurous and re-glaze a bunch of them.

Keep in mind, most of them have already been glaze fired three times. I took one red piece and added metallic colors and a black raised glaze. I added a light blue or light jade underglaze to a black basket, then wiped off the excess. I added bright blue underglaze to a green piece.

One blue basket had a tiny chip on the base. I sanded it down and decided to add some green to it.

I took a set of four that I thought had a bit too much blue and glazed each one completely different, breaking up the set.

The kiln is cooling so I'll be able to pull some out and take photos, will add a slide show below when I have all of them fired. I have another load to fire once I empty this load.

Source: http://www.janetmcgregordunn.com/