In the Works...

I thought you might like to see some of my pieces in the works. These are wet, drying, just out of the first kiln fire, during the glazing process, and some are pictures taken when I pull the finished piece out of the kiln. Most of the colors of the finished pieces don't show very well in the kiln-top photos as I'm typically taking them with my phone or tablet, not a professional camera.

If I get ambitious I'll try to link to a professional photo or add a photo of the finished piece to the slide show.

I'm blessed that many of my pieces sell before I get a good picture of them so this may be all you'll get to see...and all I'll have for my records. I try to take booth shots at shows, but sometimes it is just too busy. I always ask people who buy my art to send a photo of the finished piece in its new home. Some do, some don't. It's nice when they remember...but I know I'm one that would have good intentions and maybe not follow through so I'll never grouse when they forget!

The brown pieces have not been bisque fired. The clay I use most often will turn the reddish color you see after it has gone through the first kiln firing (bisque).

When I remember I put color chips in front of the glazed piece so you can see the colors I used. It's interesting the way a brown glaze will turn out green or blue, a yellow glaze will turn to a beautiful teal, how the colors mix, match and interact.

I often add glass to my glaze pieces and pretty much always glaze fire pieces at least twice.

Check out "The Studio" for a slide show with photos of my studio and more "kiln-top" photos.